St. Louis with Children!

Ever since I took L to St. Louis as a baby, I have been recommending the city as a MUST GO for young families. Personally, I can't wait to go back with our kids now that they are older. Follow along on our little weekend trip, and see why this is a true bucket list [...]

Xcaret is for Kids!

Xcaret is for Kids!

My husband calls Xcaret “Disney of Quintana Roo”, but I felt more of an authentic Mexican, Mayan vibe from the super theme park located near Playa Del Carmen. As a mom of two little ones, I enjoyed our trip to Xcaret, but I can easily see how it is enjoyed by people of all ages. [...]

CrocoCun Zoo Review

CrocoCun Zoo Review

We first visited CrocoCun back in November 2017, and I was impressed with many aspects of this zoo. If you have never been to it before, prepare for a different kind of zoo experience. It is not going to be like San Diego Zoo! You won’t find polar bears or penguins at CrocoCun. It is [...]

Emergencies in Quintana Roo

It happens...When you have children, sooner or later you need a hospital while traveling! We recently had the opportunity to try out the medical system while staying in Akumal, Mexico when Baby A took a nose dive (while strapped into his stroller) onto a concrete parking lot, from a raised sidewalk. When I picked him [...]

What’s in That Diaper Bag?!

As we travel the Mexican Riviera, we have edited the diaper bag several times. "Strolling around" has a different meaning here than in the US, where the roads can be rough and banos even rougher. When day tripping with small children, my goal is to keep us safe and comfy, but also pack light so [...]

Location Teaser…

We have been traveling around, staying in different towns for a week or two at a time, exploring the areas we knew we would enjoy (but hadn't spent enough time to know if we should live there). A lucky wrong turn while looking for a restaurant landed the kids and me at El Capitan, where [...]