Our Projects

Hi friend! Interested in what we do?

This blog is currently non-monetized. That means we pay 100% for the operations out of our pocket. There are no ads, and nothing to buy. Will it always be that way? Probably not, but the point of this site was to share our passions in life of family and travel. That will always remain.

Our current work in progress is a hip, fun venture in the Texas hill country. More on that at a later date!

Have a great idea you want to partner on? Send us a message below, and find out how we can help you!

Some of the projects we have done in the past and may be interested in doing again:

Travel Reviews (submitted to major travel sites, social media, magazines, or here on our blog) including hotels/lodges/airbnb, theme parks and attractions, restaurants, parks, airlines, experiences. Professional photography available.

Secret Shopping (hotels, attractions, travel services, businesses and products for kids and families)

Commercial/TV (travel and/or family related) Check out our House Hunters International episode called Rolling on the Riviera, aired Nov 2018, featuring beautiful locations in Tulum and Puerto Aventuras.