Location Teaser…

We have been traveling around, staying in different towns for a week or two at a time, exploring the areas we knew we would enjoy (but hadn't spent enough time to know if we should live there). A lucky wrong turn while looking for a restaurant landed the kids and me at El Capitan, where [...]

At the airport

On our extended layover before continuing onto our new homeland, I thought I would post this video from the airport. Once we got all our bags packed tight into our car, we pulled into the parking ramp at the airport and realized we had no idea how to get all those bags to the gate. [...]

Packing for Moving Overseas

For many years of my adult life I have experienced nightmares in which the house is on fire, and I had to get things out of the house before the fire caught up with me...or that I was moving, and only had one day to get my things out of a full house-- always making [...]

Fill Their Cups

Fill Their Cups

Over the past three years I have noticed that my daughter thrives on interactions with other people-- kids or adults-- it does not matter! She just loves communicating and learning from others. When she has spent time interacting with others, she beams a smile to the moon! I have often said, "her cup is full" [...]