We are the Spearmans, a traveling family of five (newest edition not pictured here)! We are from Minnesota and Texas originally, but relocated to the Caribbean in 2017 after several scouting trips to different countries. We found out pretty quickly that we are just nomads at heart, and we continue to move around with our kids in tow. People always ask us why our kids are so good on airplanes. We travel with our babies as early as three months old, so that’s all they know. We have been on epic adventures through Costa Rica’s wild terrain, Belize’s mountain jungles, Mexico’s beautiful Riviera Maya, and many other exciting places, including most of the U.S. and some places in Canada. It’s a way of life for them, and they seek the great adventure just like us. We love to share our discoveries in parenting and in life with other families. Traveling doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have kids, and you’re scared to travel or just looking for some tips to make it easier, follow along with us here, and check us out on Facebook or Instagram for daily tidbits of family fun, including our latest business projects, bug catching (normally involving an oversized spider), pre-school/ world-school ideas, mom support, and the random squirrel or monkey invasion!

This little pic above is from a restaurant built from an airplane in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. What a fun place! Perhaps a blog post on that someday…

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