Reflecting on a Lesson

Here’s a fun activity for your kinders and preschoolers!

Give each child a mirror and paper. I prefer to use acrylic child-safe mirrors, (I found mine on amazon), but if you’re closely supervising I think a normal hand mirror would be fine. I have two here that are bent at the bottom so that they sit up on their own.

We use wipe off boards rather than paper because they love them. It also saves a little bit on paper cost, and keeps my kids from raiding the printer tray.

For my oldest, who will be in first grade soon, I wrote a message on the board, “Draw your eyes”, and she had to read it, erase it, and then look in the mirror and draw what she sees through her eyes, of her eyes. All about the eyes, and some self reflection. So many metaphors!

For my middle child, who is in preschool, I asked him to just draw what he sees. He’s barely starting to draw at all, so it was totally open to interpretation. He drew some flowers, which was more than he’s ever drawn. A big accomplishment!

For the little guy, his lesson was finding three mirrors placed throughout the room, and then discovering himself in each one. “Hello Baby!” He was delighted to find himself each time.

Usually lessons like these inspire my kids to branch out on additional projects, and I let them go for it, as long as it’s not painting on the walls.

Have fun with your reflections, and I hope you enjoyed all my silly puns!

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