What’s the Weather?

A quick lesson plan idea for Pre-K/Kinder!

SONG/VIDEO: How’s the Weather? The song I sing to my “students” from Super Simple Songs. They have great resources on their youtube page as well: https://youtu.be/rD6FRDd9Hew

PRINT OUT: Wonderful Weather World, make a book about weather. https://www.education.com/worksheet/article/weather-book/

ACTIVITY: Water Condensation Experiment, observations. This is from the Target Dollar Spot area.

ACTIVITY: Weather Report (pad), also found at the Target Dollar Spot, although you could easily make this or find another one online. Students write and draw observations or forecast for the day’s weather. My kids then gave a weather report as a news anchor by standing up and pretending to be on tv.

NEXT: From here, you can go many directions. My kids did a quick workbook page about what to wear in different types of weather, and then I told them to get dressed for the weather and sent them outside to collect green things because it was St. Patrick’s day. You could also talk about seasons, weather emergencies, weather words written, read, or colored, weather in different parts of the world/climates, etc. Have fun!

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