Warming up!

Today, a trip around the block, next month maybe a trip on a plane. Little A2 is almost ready for travel, which makes me want to refer back to all my notes about traveling with a tiny tot in preparation for his first big trip.

With a newborn, I like to make a checklist of things to bring for him for the stay away. (I admit, I make a checklist every time we travel for the whole family including my husband because no one likes running to Walmart in the middle of the night for a toothbrush). In the past we have made runs for diapers, wipes, snack bars, water, etc. So now I pack enough of these items in our suitcases to get us through the first night, with a planned run in the morning for supplies once we have our bearings straight.

What to Pack For Baby:

  • Diapers & wipes (enough for two days)
  • Onesies or pajamas for each day (include two extras per week for accidents)
  • A couple pairs of socks, scratch mitts, and hats if normally worn.
  • Thermometer & “snot sucker”
  • Monitor (s) {I use a Snuza Hero movement monitor as well as a Hello Baby video monitor.}
  • Sun hat, sunscreen, bug spray, stroller fan, stroller rain cover (depending on climate)
  • Umbrella stroller or small carseat click-in stroller (I use a Babyzen Yoyo that folds up into a carry-on), or I bring a double stroller if traveling with two or more under age four.
  • Carseat and or stroller cargo cover if you plan to check at the gate. Baggage handlers WILL throw, drop, crush your expensive equipment, so cover it up to reduce scratches. You can find universal covers on Amazon.
  • Travel sized sound machine, or install a white noise app on your phone
  • Nightlight (I bring plug in nightlights, and I have a night light app on a tablet that can be a backup light if the others are forgotten).
  • Swaddle or sleep sack
  • Burp cloths
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Sanitizer spray & wipes
  • Bottles and pacifiers if your baby normally uses them
  • Travel or manual breast pump
  • Baby safe soap for bottles and bathtime
  • A lightweight blanket for the plane that can double as a nursing cover or tummy time mat (I pack a muslin blanket for each kid, and I roll it up tightly and stuff it in their carry-on or diaper bag.)
  • A few little eye-catching baby toys.

Did I leave something out? Drop me a line to add something to the list!

Happy travel, Babies!

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