Glitter Bomb Bottles

Totally not related to travel, but it will keep your kid entertained for a few sweet minutes. Many people have asked about my “Glitter Bombs”, and they are so easy to make. I must disclaim this is not my original idea. If you do a quick search you will find thousands of links for glitter jar, glitter bottle, calm down jar, etc! There are plenty of recipes to follow. I like simple, so here is mine!

What you need:

  1. Clear Elmer’s School Glue (you can buy it by the gallon)
  2. Iridescent Glitter (you can buy these bulk on amazon or craft stores)
  3. Water Color Tubes/ Liquid Pigment Water Color (OPTIONAL)
  4. Clear Plastic Bottle with Lid (empty Voss Water bottles are my favorite)
  5. Warm water


Fill the empty bottle 1/4 the way up with clear glue.


Fill the bottle with warm water, almost all the way to the top (leave a little room for the glitter, and give it a good shake).


Dump  2-4 oz. glitter into the bottle (we like to mix 2 or 3 different colors), and squirt a few drops of any matching water color into the bottle (optional– for extra depth).


Shake shake shake! “Shake Senora!” Shake that bottle up, and prepare to be mesmerized!

Extra Tip:

If your bottle is leaking from the top, smear some clear glue inside the lid, close the bottle, and leave it overnight to dry. It will glue the lid shut and prevent leaking.

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