St. Louis with Children!

Ever since I took L to St. Louis as a baby, I have been recommending the city as a MUST GO for young families. Personally, I can’t wait to go back with our kids now that they are older. Follow along on our little weekend trip, and see why this is a true bucket list destination!

From the moment we stepped foot on St. Louis ground, we were welcomed by its friendly people. Our driver gave us a free tour of the whole city on the way to our hotel (free of charge, of course) just because he loves his hometown so much.

St. Louis is a walkable city with trails and sidewalks abound, all through its beautiful public parks. I walked nearly 10 miles one day with just good shoes and a stroller. If you don’t feel like walking that much, never fear, there is plenty of public transportation and hired car options!


  1. Forest Park

The massive 1,371 Acres of public park is filled with easy to access trails and paved walking paths for strollers and bikes. Most of our walking was done here over two days of exploring. You will find plenty of benches for resting, nursing, or changing baby, and you will be surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, butterflies, and birds all around.

2. St. Louis Zoo (inside Forest Park)

My all time, hands down, favorite zoo. In all of our travels, I have found myself comparing every zoo to this one. It is truly the best. Our favorite spots here are the Polar Bears and the (giant) Hippos that you can view from under-water glass walls, up close and personal!

3. Magic House

Also one of my all time favorite Children’s Museums, this is a massive campus inside and out for children of all ages to explore, learn, and play! It’s easy to spend all day here.

4. City Museum

A huge art installation and playground for all ages!

5. Botanical Gardens (Children’s Garden)

Featuring hands-on experiences for children, a splash park when it gets hot, and quiet areas to nurse a baby or regroup as a family.



After our weekend of fun, we were totally pooped!


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