Xcaret is for Kids!

My husband calls Xcaret “Disney of Quintana Roo”, but I felt more of an authentic Mexican, Mayan vibe from the super theme park located near Playa Del Carmen. As a mom of two little ones, I enjoyed our trip to Xcaret, but I can easily see how it is enjoyed by people of all ages. I found it accommodating to our needs as a family, and look forward to our next visit. Follow along with us below as we toured the beautiful park called Xcaret on a one-day pass for 12 hours. Since this isn’t an ad for Xcaret in any way (we paid for our admission), I will tell you the good, bad, and ugly of what to expect from your time at the park in the most abbreviated way possible! Who likes to read lengthy blog posts when you’re trying to plan a fun vacation?!


Coming to the Park

You can come by car, bus, or taxi. There is ample parking, and plenty of security in the lots.

What You Will Find

I encourage you to just go. It’s worth every penny and every minute of your time, but some of the highlights of this park are its rich demonstrations of Mayan culture, performances, workshops, food, animals, river, caves, snorkeling, kids play area with ropes course style activities, and various shops.


At the time of this post, basic admission was $99 USD per adult, $50 per child between 5-12 years old, and free for children 4 and younger. (You can upgrade to different packages to include amenities such “as all-you-can-eat” buffets around the park, unlimited photo pass, 2-day pass, return day, etc. etc. There are many options.)

We purchased two buffets (lunch and dinner) for each family member, but we did not know at the time that we could reserve a place to eat dinner at the special Finale show in the evening, which left us quite envious of those having a feast below us. I would highly recommend dinner at the show instead of the buffet.


You will find changing rooms, showers, restrooms, and lockers at different locations. We used the central locker area, and found it to be meticulously clean but a bit dark at certain times of the day.

There are baby changing tables and nursing rooms across the park.

The entire park has terrific signage (except for one spot around the cemetery). If you’re looking for a bathroom or nursing station, you will find it quick.

Feel free to take your stroller anywhere—there are very few restrictions. Although we sometimes chose to leave ours at the base of steep steps or hills.


Reserve your place or arrive early to workshops, as space is limited. We were unable to participate in three different events after we walked all the way across the park for them (one was closed for renovations, and two were full).

Don’t Get Lost

There is one place in the park that was a like a black hole to us—the underground trails that run through a cave system, entered near the cemetery are unmarked (or mismarked) and we got ourselves quite lost. Coincidently the lights went out half way through our hike, which was both concerning and terrifying. Thank goodness for the cell phone flashlight!

Best Kept Secret

The show at the end of the day is a MUST. It is lengthy but surprisingly splendid, eye-catching, and intriguing. Insert all other synonyms for “amazing” here! The performers were perfectly rehearsed, the music and lights were dynamic, and the story-telling left us excited to be in Mexico. It was the best part of our day, for sure!

Need to Know

Prepare for mosquitoes! The natural repellents did not work for us.

Areas we did not visit that you might want to check out include the river (because we couldn’t figure out how to get our stroller back to the other side without us), and the beach (because there are plenty of beaches in Quintana Roo). We might have enjoyed the 2-day pass if we were on a vacation staying at a hotel nearby (but we had just moved to Tulum).


Here’s a quick photo tour of our day…

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