Location Teaser…

We have been traveling around, staying in different towns for a week or two at a time, exploring the areas we knew we would enjoy (but hadn’t spent enough time to know if we should live there).

A lucky wrong turn while looking for a restaurant landed the kids and me at El Capitan, where the prices were fair, and the food was fresh and delish. You can hear the sizzling of your food being prepared, the smell of fajitas cooking on the grill, a pile of coconuts on the floor nearby, and some local young artists dancing flamenco and playing traditional music. Cars whizzing by on the beach road nearby reminding us of the crazy, fun growth happening in this hip little town that we once fell in love with on a family vacation, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I got a little teary eyed writing this because… it is obvious to me now that we. are. home. Where are we?



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  1. Hello, I just found your page and I’m fascinated! I’m wondering how things are going since you’ve arrived? Did you move for business? What will you do to support yourselves while you’re there? This is the main question for me as I consider this for our family. Thank you for writing this!

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    1. Hi Tanya! Thanks for following along! We are working on getting ourselves and our kids assimilated into the culture, customs, and laws here (hah!). It has been a new challenge or two every day. Once things slow down, I look forward to catching up on my posts. We have done a little traveling and exploring the area, taking photos and video for future posts to help other families when they travel. We have certainly learned a lot since we have been here. Overall, we love our new home. It was a good choice for our family (partly a long term business goal and partly a political/social desire for our kids to not grow up in the US). Brian is still working full time, long distance and commuting, but we also saved up a bit before we moved, sold nearly everything we owned, and finally, we weighed our budget with what we were spending every month in the states and realized we could save a lot by making this change of lifestyle. It gave us a chance to hit the reset button, so to speak. We plan to post more about our long term career ideas here in the future, but we have learned that most non-retired expats here work from home with US companies, or they are online entrepreneur types. Stay tuned, and good luck with your own plans. If you’re ever in the area, let us know!


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