At the airport

On our extended layover before continuing onto our new homeland, I thought I would post this video from the airport. Once we got all our bags packed tight into our car, we pulled into the parking ramp at the airport and realized we had no idea how to get all those bags to the gate. In freezing, windy Minnesota weather, Brian ran into the airport and came back ten minutes later with one smart-carte, only to realize it wasn’t going to pull more than a few bags (and we had two strollers and two carseats to schlep as well). So in he went again to run across the airport and get another cart. Meanwhile, both kids went into total meltdown in the backseat. Thirty minutes and two temper tantrums later… we finally all got inside and on the correct level (taking separate elevators in the middle of airport construction resulted in some lost time as well while we relocated Brian). The rest is well, as they say, history! Our six bags turned into nine checked items (because we checked two carseats and the double stroller), and five carry-ons. The first flight was easy and fun, with extra legroom and lots of surprises for the toddler, and spiked lemonade for two worn out parents. Cheers! The journey has just begun…

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